WTBS with guest ron morelli..

ill try to get a track list soon.
i played 2 tracks from 3 men gone mad and then patrick cowley..
then morelli..

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Four Plane headwear by Hussein Chalayan SS99.

Four Plane headwear by Hussein Chalayan SS99.

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"Paranoid London album due in May"

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Our friend Paul Bennett aka Duster Valentine made some our favourite edit 12”s at Moxie Records and also he was running one of our favourite record stores ever. Except being rude to us for yeaaaaars (we never saw the back of the counter in his record store and whenever we owed him a big amount of money like………………… 50 cents, he would always remind us of our big debt) he is making some sick house beats (check here https://soundcloud.com/modernista) reminding us that u can find a good deep house tune these days. If u ever c him………..don’t give him any whiskey and don’t say anything bad about Jeff Mills. This is his mix and it’s a damn good one !!!!!!

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Martin Van Maele, illustration to La trilogie érotique by Paul Verlaine published in Brussels, 1931.


Martin Van Maeleillustration to La trilogie érotique by Paul Verlaine 
published in Brussels, 1931.