If u are from San Francisco or you just passing by, check out RS94109 (https://www.facebook.com/rs94109onlarkin?fref=ts) cause they know their shit. One of the guys (Ossin)that run the store has a Reinforced Records tattoo (something that u rarely see in America) and he takes jungle out of the Special Dickquest big room mentality, giving it a shot of much needed punk attitude. The other guy (Skander) is the dark one. Let’s say that if the image of scorched earth had a sound, his music would be that sound. If u don’t work for Facebook or Twitter and u live in SF, just go there and pick up some nice wax. Until i get a gig in the States, i will have to listen to this mix and daydream.

WTBS with guest ron morelli..

ill try to get a track list soon.
i played 2 tracks from 3 men gone mad and then patrick cowley..
then morelli..

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Four Plane headwear by Hussein Chalayan SS99.

Four Plane headwear by Hussein Chalayan SS99.

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"Paranoid London album due in May"

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